Arcade Operation & Maintenance | ýapp
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Arcade Operation and Maintenance

Gameplan Industries

With a wide and ever-changing selection of arcade games, we invest in not only the machines, but in your entertainment center as a whole. We understand which games are the current trend to maximize your customers’ experiences. Arcade games these days are more technologically advanced than ever before, thus making initial investments expensive. That’s why we’re here.


The importance of a game room’s layout is often overlooked. Here at ýapp we have become experts in the strategic layout of arcades. Not only can we design the layout for you, but we will also do the actual game room installation. ýapp operates arcades all over the country, so you could say our guys were cut out for life on the road. We travel to get your arcade up and running as soon as you are ready.


Much of our competition will drop the games off in arcades and think the work is over. We stick true to the title of ‘Operators’, offering everyday system support to keep things running efficiently to maximize the profitability of your entertainment center. Our support specialists are available even on the busy weekends to help you find solutions to any problems that may arise.



High value prizes and diversity of stock are a major component of any successful entertainment operation. Providing for all our clients needs, from penny candy to highly sought after items, AlligatorToys provides prizes consumers want at a price that operators can afford. We are able to keep affordable prices because of our long-standing relationships with our suppliers. Our toys and prizes are the most popular items on the market.


Does your game room have limited storage or somewhat lower consumption of some prizes? AlligatorToys is happy to provide merchandise in broken-case quantities at or near full-case per-item prices. We like to think of it as near-real-time sourcing.


Interested in seeing some of the great toys you could be offering? Check out our online catalog and ordering site,



A broken machine doesn’t make money. Through our custom work order system, ServiceTrac, ýapp helps entertainment center operators keep game machines running.


ServiceTrac allows for purchasing of parts and materials, and for owners and operators to track issues and repairs on a per-machine basis. This assists in identifying reoccurring problems and helps entertainment centers minimize service calls. It also helps maximize operational time and makes the “Out of Order” sign a thing of the past. This, coupled with our customer support which assists in issue resolution, makes ýapp the one stop shop that can help keep the machines running and the consumers happy.



Revenue Share

The benefit of our Revenue Partnership is your facility receives a turnkey operation for the customers you service. We break down the numbers for you and present them in a simple format. We offer a unique buyout program that allows you to own your equipment sooner. Whether you are just opening, or are an already existing store, ýapp helps make your entertainment center run more efficiently. With all of our services combined, you have less to worry about in your arcade operation. Down the road if you are interested in operating your own arcade, then we can work with you to buy the game machines.

What We Can Do For You


  • Complete Arcade Operating
  • Game Room Layouts
  • Entertainment Center Setup
  • Game Machine Procurement
  • Game Service and Technical Support
  • Weekly Reporting and Controls
  • Merchandise Purchasing
  • Merchandise Inventory Control
  • Human Resources
  • PC Hardware/Software/Operating Systems Support
  • Parts Purchasing and Issue Resolution
  • Play Card System Installation, Support and Repair
  • Staff Training