ýapp | Arcade Setup, Operating, Support & Repair
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We have the solutions to make your entertainment center a success!

Gameplan Industries

Whether it’s arcade machine attainment, game room layouts, revenue sharing, or everyday systems support, ýapp will make your entertainment center profitable! With a wide and ever-changing selection of arcade games, we invest in not only the machines, but your entertainment center as a whole.


Over the past twenty years AlligatorToys has become much more than just a redemption merchandise supplier to arcades. We know the current trends of products that customers want and we can manage your inventory for you because to us, it’s more than just the tangible goods.


One of a kind maintenance, management, and complete lifecycle software for your arcade game parts. ServiceTrac simplifies the process and was designed by our experienced team. We will work with you to keep every machine in good working condition to ensure maximized arcade profitability.

Revenue Share

The benefits of our Revenue Partnership is your facility receives a turnkey operation for the customers you service. We break down the numbers for you and present them in a simple format. We offer a unique buyout program that allows you to own your equipment sooner.

How It All Began

It was in 1975 in Cincinnati, Ohio when Jim Ernst Sr. had a vision to make it on his own. Through his wife Lori’s side of the family, he was introduced to the bar business. He saw opportunity in the vending of pool tables and arcade games in bars, and this is where his vision turned into a reality. Over the next several years he transitioned the company into the movie theater arcade industry. His business began to partner up with cinemas all the way down the Eastern coast and throughout the Midwest. With many years of experience, Jim became very passionate and knowledgeable within the industry, deciding to make partners with entertainment center owners throughout the country. And this was only the beginning…

ýapp Today

Although Jim Sr. is not with us today, his vision lives on through his two sons Jim Jr. and Jeff. ýapp today understands the value of entertainment centers in communities because that is what sits at the core of this company: family. Over time ýapp has strived to offer the full package in entertainment center services. Our tactics venture outside the box to help your business reach its full potential. ýapp operates games from the east coast to the west coast, and everywhere inbetween. As of 2016, we operate internationally, as we have established partnerships across the border in Canada. Check out the our services tab to learn more about what we can do for your entertainment center.